Maryland Residents: We Need Your Help

The House of Delegates Judiciary Committee will be voting on HB67 sometime this coming week. HB67 mandates the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) to provide transitional services to people in solitary confinement six months prior to their release to the community. Passage of this bill is a priority for IAHR this session.

Please contact members of the Judiciary Committee (listed below) and Speaker Jones no later than Monday, March 14.  Please call the Delegate and leave this message:

My name is ________ and I am a Maryland resident. I urge you to vote for passing HB67. I believe that Maryland has a moral responsibility to provide transitional services to people being released from prison to the community six months prior their release, especially people in solitary confinement.  

Here is the list of Judiciary Committee members and their contact info. Please contact as many Committee members as possible. Thank you! 

Democrats in blue and Republicans in red.  


Name Phone Number Email Address
Adrienne Jones (Speaker) 410-841-3800 [email protected]
Luke Clippinger (Chair) 410-841-3488 l[email protected]
David Moon (Vice-Chair 410-841-3474 [email protected]
Curt Anderson 410-841-3291 [email protected]
Lauren Arikan 410-841-3334 [email protected]
Sandy Bartlett 410-841-3370 [email protected]
Jon Cardin 410-841-3054 [email protected]
Frank Conway 410-841-3189 [email protected]
Dan Cox 410-841-3288 [email protected]
Charlotte Cruchfield 410-841-3485 [email protected]
Debra Davis 410-841-3337 [email protected]
Wanika Fisher 410-841-3340 [email protected]
Robin Grammer 410-841-3298 [email protected]
Faye Howell 410-841-3692 [email protected]
Rachel Jones 410-841-3103 [email protected]
Lesley  Lopez 410-841-3021 [email protected]
Susan McComas 410-841-3272 [email protected]
Rachel Munoz 410-841-3510 [email protected]
Emily Shetty 410-841-3181 [email protected]
Haven Shoemaker 410-841-3350 [email protected]
Brenda Thiam 410-841-3125 [email protected]
Karen Toles 301-858-3524 [email protected]
Nicole Williams 410-841-3058 [email protected]

If you have not done so, please sign this letter to Judiciary Chairperson, Luke Clippinger, Vice-Chair David Moon, and to Senate Judicial Proceedings Chair Will Smith and Vice-Chair Jeff Waldstreicher.

Dear Delegates Clippinger and Moon, Senators Smith and Waldstreicher:

Direct release from restrictive housing is a public safety concern and will again come before the General Assembly this year. Because of the effect of the pandemic on our prisons, reforming this practice has become even more imperative than ever before.  I am asking you to support HB 67 which will end direct release from restrictive housing.

Click here to read the rest of the letter and to sign.  

Video of March 9 Press Conference

On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, IAHR held a press conference to promote HB67. Speaking on behalf of the legislation were Rev. Dina van Klaveren, Rector of St Andrews Church in Glenwood, Maryland, Rev Dr Stephen Tucker, Senior Pastor of New Commandment Baptist Church in Columbia, MD and President of the National Capital Baptist Convention of DC and Vicinity, Kimberly Haven, IAHR's Legislative Liaison, and Rabbi Feinberg.

Click on the Image to View the Video

IAHR MD Legislative Press Conference March 2022.mp4