Do You Enjoy Writing? Do You Like to Meet New People?

Join Interfaith Action’s Pen Pal Progam.

When prisoners lose connection to their family and community they are more likely to commit crimes after they are released. D.C. residents who are convicted of a felony serve their sentence in a federal prison. Over 4,600 D.C. residents are incarcerated in 122 prisons around the United States. D.C. residents are incarcerated in prisons from California to Florida to upstate New York. D.C. residents in prison often feel very isolated since they are often incarcerated so far from home.

To address their isolation, in November 2017, lAHR kicked off a campaign to identify volunteers who will write to at least one D.C. resident in prison once a month for a year. As of March, 2022, over 250 people have volunteered to be pen pals with a person incarcerated in a federal prison. Yet we still have over 30 people in prison who have requested a pen pal, with new requests coming in every week. We need more pen pals on the outside to meet the need on the inside.

You can:

  • Save a Soul
  • Build new friendships
  • Learn about life behind prison walls
  • Enlighten people in the community about prison life

Join the Pen Pal Program

You can make a difference!

You can exchange letters once a month.

There will be an orientation session for all volunteers.

If you are interested, contact our penpal coordinator at [email protected]

Or Write:

IAHR PenPal Program
PO Box 55802
Washington, DC 20040