Campaign for Justice and Healing

IAHR is working to guarantee a solid financial foundation for success in the coming years for its Campaign to transform corrections in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. The Campaign for Justice and Healing is seeking pledges to underwrite advocacy, educational, and other programs for 2022, 2023, and 2024. Generous lead donors have committed over $250,000 of the $450,000 Campaign goal. If you are interested in discussing how you can help us reach the goal that will accelerate our progress toward reform, please contact IAHR's Treasurer, Jay Williams, at 1 202 461 2987.

Why Now?

 National awareness of the injustice of our "justice" system is more intense now than ever before. It has become clear that true racial justice in the United States cannot be achieved without the transformation of our system of punitive mass incarceration. (Read more.)

Legislators in Virginia and Maryland have demonstrated a bipartisan readiness to act on public demands for reform. The relationships that IAHR has created with these legislators and a wide array of civil society partners will allow us to take full advantage of this moment.

Now is the time to honor the legacy of our retiring founding Executive Director. Rabbi Charles Feinberg has led IAHR to become a major force for human rights in our region. Now is the time to continue and fulfill his vision. 

The Campaign will provide a multi-year financial base that will allow our incoming director, Reverend David Lindsey, to devote all of his energies to fulfilling our vision.

Our Vision.

During the next three years, IAHR will undertake an initiative to make the transformation of the systems of incarceration in our region a top-of-mind concern of citizens, the media, and legislators. Through public education, media initiatives, and legislative advocacy, IAHR plans to

  • Raise public awareness of the destructive nature of our prisons and jails
  • Build support for a system that is free of racism -- honoring the dignity of each human being that is rehabilitative rather than punitive, and that helps people return to society well prepared to carry on with fulfilling and productive lives
  • Collaborate with our legislative allies on a legislative agenda that will achieve the fundamental transformations we seek.

A successful campaign for change will convert a key contributor to our most pressing social ills to a vehicle for social and ethical betterment.

The Plan

IAHR is well positioned to take on this ambitious effort. It has taken the lead in attacking the use of solitary confinement and other forms of torture in our region's jails. Over the last three years, it has mobilized citizens, provided support to incarcerated persons, formed powerful organizational coalitions, and worked closely with members of our region's legislatures. The result has been heightened attention to the problems and potential of our prisons -- and success in passing numerous pieces of state legislation to reduce or eliminate the cruel practices we have targeted.

The proceeds of the Campaign for Healing and Justice will provide a predictable and growing source of operating funds for three years as IAHR expands to focus on our broader, transformational agenda. A more fully funded Executive Director position, a new Director of Advocacy and Education, and needed ongoing professional advocacy support during Maryland and Virginia's legislative session will enable us to finish the fight against solitary confinement and launch our efforts for pervasive corrections reform.

For more information, please contact IAHR's Treasurer, Jay Williams, at 1 202 461 2987.