Reimagining Criminal Justice 2021

Women's Stories of Prison: Carmen’s Story: One Woman’s Fight to Expose the Oppressive Infrastructure of Criminal Justice

On February 3, 2021 IAHR kicked off its 2021 edition of its Reimagining Criminal Justice series by having an in depth interview with Dr. Carmen Johnson. In 2015, Dr. Carmen Johnson was convicted of 24 counts of mortgage, bank, and wire fraud.  Dr. Johnson served 44 months in West Virginia Federal Prison Work Camp.  She was released in 2018 and is now serving 5 years’ probation and paying 2 million dollars in restitution payments.

Carmen now suffers from extreme PTSD with daily nightmares of the raids, trial, and prison. But she is still trying to endure by continuing to fight for herself and others by working with grass-roots organizations on mentorship, the injustice system, and police brutality. Carmen’s family has assisted her by starting a new non-profit called “Helping Ourselves To Transform” which deals with the needs of returning citizens, educating the public on mass incarceration, and the injustice going through the legal system. Carmen contends that she was a victim and is vehemently innocent of all the charges she was convicted of. 

Watch the interview below now!