August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

This month's newsletter highlights three articles about Virginia and a think piece about alternatives to solitary. The first is a video and news article about solitary from WAVY News 10 which is a television station serving the Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia, and the Outer Banks region of northeastern North Carolina. The second is a request from the ACLU-VA to sign a letter to Governor Northam to end the secrecy surrounding executions in Virginia. In the third article, IAHR celebrates the two Emmy nominations that the HBO film Solitary received this year. The fourth is a thoughtful piece about Alternatives to Solitary by IAHR supporter and contributing reporter Susan Hills Rose.  


Special Report: Imprisoned in Isolation 

"WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) -- In a recent study, The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia asks Governor Ralph Northam to sharply limit the use of solitary confinement in state prisons.

The ACLU report deems the practice is 'overused' in Virginia. The ACLU said reforms put in place by the state since 2011 are a “step forward” in reducing its use but don’t go far enough.

10 On Your Side looked into what is working and what is not when it comes to solitary confinement or isolation within Virginia prisons and jails." Continue Reading...

 Stop Execution in Virginia from Being Carried out in Secrecy 

The Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC) literally drew a curtain over the death penalty more than a year ago by preventing witnesses from being able to see the inmate walk into the execution room or be prepped for injections. In addition, state law shields providers of execution drugs from scrutiny by prohibiting them from being identified to the public. The ACLU of Virginia opposes the death penalty and advocates for its full abolishment. However, as long as it exists in Virginia, it must be done in the open. Continue Reading...

 Kristi Jacobson’s HBO film is Nominated for Two Emmy Awards

Solitary, directed by Kristi Jacobson

Solitary, directed by Kristi Jacobson (2016 Breakthrough Filmmaker Award recipient) was nominated for Outstanding Investigative Documentary  and Outstanding Editing – Documentary. Continue Reading...

Reducing Segregated Housing: But – What Else Can We Do?

By Susan Hills Rose, IAHR Contributing Reporter

The serious consequences of extended segregated housing – both for the prisoner subjected to it and for the public safety of his or her future community – have been well documented. But some would say there is no alternative; prisoners misbehave, and they must be punished. What else can we do to maintain order in our prisons?

Three major approaches have evidence and experience behind them. Continue Reading...

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