Interfaith Action for Human Rights is a mid-Atlantic coalition of faith communities. We seek to change the culture, policy or practices that cause torture or violate human dignity. Our guide is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the wisdom of our respective faiths.

We invite you to join IAHR, to contribute your time, energy and, of course your donations to help us accomplish our difficult, but important work. We believe our issues and goals are important to all who want a more just nation respectful of all its people.


Join the interfaith campaign against anti-Muslim bigotry

Given the results of the national election, IAHR wants to assure the Muslim community that our commitment to your well being is unshakeable.  We commit ourselves to opposing any discrimination of fellow Americans because of the religious faith they profess.  We will work with other Americans of good will to create a loving community that respects the faiths of all.  We encourage our supporters to purchase and display a banner which declares our support for our Muslim neighbors.  We turn to the Creator of all to give us strength and courage during these perilous times.  

We will supply you or your religious community with a weather proof vinyl banner which will signal publicly your support for American Muslims. 

IAHR's Banner at the March in Baltimore on January 21, 2017


Suzanne O'Hatnick and Sister Kathleen White OSB

Order your weather-proof vinyl banner Here 

Maryland Department of Corrections Publishes First Report

In 2016, due to the advocacy of IAHR, the ACLU, and other civil and human rights groups, the Maryland Legislature passed SB 946 and HB 1180 which mandate the Department to provide information once a year on the use of solitary confinement in Maryland State prisons.  The information mandated includes such categories as the number of inmates placed in restrictive housing sorted by age, race, and ethnicity; those with mental illness, those who are pregnant; the average and median length of stay; those who attempted to harm themselves while in restrictive housing; and those released directly to the community. 


On January 5, 2017, the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Corrections released its first report.  You can read that report by clicking here.  For an analysis of the report, click here.   















Our Issues

  • End prolonged solitary confinement in federal and state prisons
  • Counter bigotry that justifies ill-treatment of others
  • End torture as a U.S. policy.
  • End indefinite detention without charges or trial

Our Goals

  • End youth and mentally ill inmates’ isolation and solitary confinement
  • Require reporting data on solitary confinement in state and federal detention facilities
  • Reinvest resources from solitary confinement into  education, meaningful job training and improved medical care for the incarcerated
  • Oppose religious and ethnic bigotry, especially anti-Muslim bias
  • Raise public awareness of U.S. torture and solitary confinement
  • Urge policymakers to ensure accountability for use of torture
  • Close Guantanamo Bay’s detention facility 

What We Do

  •  Advocate:

    • Against Islamophobia
    • Against Prolonged Solitary Confinement
    • For closing Guantanamo
  • Organize Petitions to end torture and solitary confinement
  • Sponsor screenings, speakers and programs on the abuse of solitary confinement
  • Sponsor legislation on solitary confinement
  • Testify before state legislatures and local governments
  • Track issues to keep our supporters and the public up to date
  • Write articles, letters to the editor and on social media about our agenda
  • Form coalitions with other human and civil rights organizations to advocate for criminal justice reform and to oppose anti-Muslim bigotry

How to Help 

There are many ways you can help as an individual or as a faith community. Here are some: 


  • Educate your faith community on our core missions
  • Show Hawo's Dinner (anti-Muslim sentiment)
  • Show Torture in your backyard (Solitary Confinement)
  • Invite an IAHR guest speaker
  • Provide advocacy on one of IAHR campaigns
  • Organize a letter writing campaign


Letter writing event at Little River UCC to Senator Mark Warner (D-VA). The letters asked his support for releasing the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture. 


How to Contact IAHR

Address: Interfaith Action for Human Rights, PO Box 55802, Washington, DC 20040


Phone: (240) 324-9160




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