Incidents at Wallens Ridge and Red Onion State Prisons in Virginia

December 9, 2020

Part of IAHR's work is to ask prison administrators to investigate allegations of human rights abuses. Though the thorough and heroic work of Gay Gardner, IAHR Special Advisor on Virginia, IAHR receives numerous allegations of correctional officers or other prison staff abusing inmates. IAHR realizes that these allegations could be exaggerated or not factual at all. We often ask wardens and other Department of Corrections administrators to make an investigation of the allegation that is fair and thorough. Fair and thorough means that individual corrections officers should be interviewed privately as should the individual making the allegation. We also ask that if there is security camera video of the incident that it be shown both to investigators as well as to the person making the allegation. We have found, however, that prison officials routinely deny the viewing of video footage to the prisoner making the grievance. We also have reason to believe that the investigation is not fair or thorough.

Recently these issues have become public in articles in the Richmond Post-Dispatch. An incarcerated person was transferred from Wallens Ridge to Red Onion State Prison. This person dubbed, "Mr. A" alleged that he was beaten after his arrival at Red Onion State Prison. A spokesperson for the VA Dept of Corrections released video footage to the reporter claiming there was no evidence of "Mr.A" being abused. The video shows Mr. A arriving at Red Onion and being escorted to his cell without incident. However, Mr. A alleged that he was beaten after his arrival at Red Onion not during his arrival, a crucial difference. 

IAHR believes that it is in the interest of prison staff and administrators to be transparent. It is disappointing to see the Virginia Depart of Corrections release video that is not relevant to the allegation. 

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