Solitary in the Time of Pandemic: Maryland's Impact on the Incarcerated

Solitary in the Time of Pandemic: Maryland's Impact on the Incarcerated


On May 7th, join IAHR for a webinar on COVID-19's impact on Maryland's incarcerated community. Our presenters will touch on subjects ranging from the situation in Maryland prisons to disability rights to "a first-hand account of solitary confinement".

Join us for the first in a three-part series of webinars focusing on how the global pandemic has affected incarcerated people in the DMV.


This is a free event. If you'd like to support IAHR's advocacy efforts, please consider making a donation to our organization.


Chuck Feinberg - Executive Director, IAHR

During his career, Rabbi Feinberg has been an advocate for Central American Refugees, the poor and the homeless, for interfaith dialogue and cooperation, and for respecting the human rights of both Palestinians and Israelis. Rabbi Feinberg is in his fifth year as Executive Director.

Kimberly Haven - Legislative Liason, IAHR

Kimberly Haven is one of the leading criminal justice reform advocates in Maryland. She serves as the Legislative Liaison for Interfaith Action for Human Rights. She is uniquely familiar with the criminal justice system and is a sought-after-focus-issue expert on issues such as solitary confinement, incarcerated women and reproductive justice, collateral consequences, the impact of mass incarceration and is part of the national conversation and efforts working to de-carcerate our prisons and jails across the country.

Kim will give an overview of the situation in Maryland prisons today including the lack of protective equipment and the inability to social distance.

Munib Lohrasbi - Human Rights Attorney, Disability Rights Maryland

Munib documents conditions and advocates for reduced use of restrictive housing and better access to health care services in state correctional facilities. He regularly visits state correctional facilities to meet with incarcerated individuals and review records and has published a report detailing his findings at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.

Munib will speak about his work at Disability Rights Maryland and their investigation into Maryland prisons and the practice of solitary confinement.

Warren Rymes - Returning Citizen

Warren will speak about being in solitary as well as reporting what he hears from friends on the inside.


May 07, 2020 at 10:00am - 11:30am
Chuck Feinberg ·

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