IAHR 2nd Annual Human Rights At The Prison Door: Reimagining Criminal Justice

On September 9th, IAHR held it's  2nd Annual ”Human Rights at the Prison Door: Reimagining Criminal Justice"event. The event was held virtually this year! This program/fundraiser, was put on to honor critical leaders in the IAHR movement! If you were unable to attend, click the video to watch below. 

 A special feature of the program was our keynote speaker Amy Fettig, the executive director of the Sentencing Project.  Her topic was “Reimagining Criminal Justice in the United States.” Click the video below to watch Amy's speech. 

Here are pictures from our 1st annual celebration!


Ava___Neal_Gross.JPG Feinberg-Interviewer.JPG

Jones-Haven.JPG Jones-Lahr.JPG




  Gardner-jones.JPG June_Kress_1.JPG

Feinberg-Interviewer.JPG Jones-Lahr.JPG

Feinberg-Interviewer.JPG Jones-Lahr.JPG